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Soulful Women in Business Group

Are you sharing your gifts in a spiritual business and seeking to expand by moving past self-doubt, connecting with your higher guidance to continue shining your light through effective marketing, outreach and “putting yourself out there”?

If this sounds like you, this Soulful Women in Business group may be right for you. You will meet with Rachel and with a small group of other expanding souls like you who are offering their services to clients that are rooted in a soulful/spiritual philosophy to learn, share and grow together.

You will learn resources, suggestions and action steps to help you move forward toward expanding/creating a spiritual business. And you will meet monthly with a small group of other healers/coaches who are going through this process of being a spiritual entrepreneur.

You will be able to learn from each other, share experiences, successes, frustrations and joys together. This is not about comparing ourselves to others but on knowing that we are all simply mustering the course to fulfill our roles as sharers of light and healing in a world that badly needs it. As part of our global awakening and consciousness shift, we are all needed!

Included in this monthly group will be writing tools, resources, individualized guidance and support. In the Teachable online platform, each month I will share with you the tools that I have found the most helpful in my own intuitive coaching business and that I use with clients to release subconscious blocks to help develop confidence and overcome self-doubt (so important in being a spiritual entrepreneur)!

Topics for each month may include:

  • Enhancing self-confidence!

  • Releasing self-doubt and limiting beliefs around money

  • Maintaining energetic boundaries

  • Self-care routines, including a regular meditation practice

  • Developing (and trusting) your intuition

  • Pricing

  • Social media outreach

  • Websites

  • Blog-writing

  • Client outreach

You will have an “accountability” partner to check in with between meetings, to offer each other support and encouragement!

Each month, 3 people will have a chance to have individual time to share what they are working on in their businesses for us all to give support, share ideas and offer guidance. The following month, the other 3 people will have their turn. Each meeting will generally look like this:

  • Centering and Check-Ins – 15 minutes

  • Topic (Rachel) – 15 minutes

  • Writing Reflection - 15 minutes

  • Individual Time – 45 minutes (15 minutes each for 3 people each week)

  • Setting Intentions/Action Steps/Accountability Partners – 20 minutes