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Quieting the Mind in Small Moments

Many of us go through our days with constant chatter in our heads of what we feel we "should" be doing, worrying about money/our job/our country or doubting ourselves and our own gut feelings.. It gets exhausting but many of us don't know how to make it stop. 

You may have tried meditation in the past but haven’t found a reason to stick to it. Maybe it seems too overwhelming or too difficult to prioritize. Instead of setting yourself up to just try something else that you feel bad about not completing, what if you were to change your approach completely by essentially re-training your brain? In this workshop, we will explore how other areas of your life can be transformed through meditation (or simply “quieting the thinking mind”). 

You will learn about how powerful our thoughts and emotions are in shaping our daily realities, and how we can become more aware of their impact through quieting our minds. After a short talk, we will do a guided meditation and write down how we plan to integrate this practice into our everyday lives. You will leave with practical tools and a plan of action! 

Mark your calendars for the Enlightenment Expo at Fireside Inn, 81 Riverside Street, n Portland, Maine on Saturday, May 4th, where I will be doing a workshop on Quieting the Mind in Small Moments from 12-12:45 pm, in addition to Akashic Records and Tarot readings all day! FREE with $5 admission fee.