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Free Online Meditation: the Messages of Flowers

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As we expand in our awakening, we begin to understand that we are deeply connected to the essences of nature - the trees, rocks, wind, sun and even the flowers. We learn that each of these elements contains a particular vibration and energy.

For this meditation, please choose a flower that you would like to connect with. You will energetically link with the essence of that flower and receive any messages it has for you.

Be sure to register at the link to get the log-in details.

You are invited to a free online guided meditation with Rachel Horton White of Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting.

This Month’s Theme: The Messages of Flowers


This is a monthly meditation that will feature various themes to help you quiet your mind, develop your intuition and connect with your Higher Self, bringing peace, clarity and stillness into your life.

Other meditation themes may include:

-Basic mindfulness of breath

- Releasing heavy emotions and energy

- Opening the third eye chakra and connecting to higher guidance

- Visualizing and co-creating your ideal future self

- Separating from the negative, false stories of Ego

Please join us on Zoom videoconference on Wednesday, June 19, 2019, 7-7:30 pm EST. Zoom is free to download (phone or computer) and easy to use.

Please register in advance at the link below for log-in details.

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Aiming to merge the spiritual with the real world, Rachel Horton White helps spiritually-open people release negative patterns in their lives, with practical tools like mindfulness, energy and intuition exercises, to connect with their true, inner selves. Through her work in Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting, Rachel has written articles for worldwide publications such as Wake Up World, Om Times and Elephant Journal and has a podcast called The Courageous Path. Rachel is a life coach, hypnotherapist, mindfulness teacher, intuitive reader, tree-hugger and angel enthusiast. With a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Wellesley College and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Georgia, Rachel claims her true education came from studying abroad in Dakar, Senegal. Her greatest teachers these days are her two bright-eyed, energetic children in Portland, Maine.


“I contacted Rachel because I was desperately in need of support and change in my life, after feeling uninspired, anxious and rather depressed for a couple years. I met privately with her for six sessions. I cannot fully express how thankful I am for finding Rachel and making the time to see her. I feel like my life has been completely turned around. I feel peace, gratitude, joy and acceptance of my life and myself.”
— Kendall Scott

“I’m feeling extremely grateful and blessed these days. Being introduced to you Rachel has put me on a path that my soul has yearned for. I am feeling so good inside and feel my life is heading in the right direction. The picture in my mind is a path made of rocks in a wooded area. I jump from stone to stone as I get closer to my soul’s true purpose. ”
— L.P.

“I have changed tremendously! I am less influenced by my ego voice than ever before, and I handle stressful situations with calm and thoughtfulness. Truly amazing.”
— Anonymous

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