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The Process of Spiritual Awakening (Free)

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Many people are starting to have what is often called “spiritual awakening.” Maybe that is you, or maybe you are wondering if that is what is happening to you. In fact, many people are experiencing this type of shift in spiritual awareness as part of the massive energies being felt now on the planet.

We as humans are rapidly expanding our consciousness and awakening to who we really are, as spiritual beings living in a great shifting on Earth. It is a liberating and amazing experience, but it can also be a lonely and confusing one, especially if not everyone in our lives understands what we are experiencing. This presentation will provide ideas on how we to begin to heal ourselves in our everyday lives, connect more deeply with others through love and compassion and begin to care more consciously and compassionately for the Earth herself.

There are many definitions out there as to what exactly is a spiritual awakening. Does it mean someone is more evolved or enlightened? Does it mean that we are going crazy? It generally does mean that we are identifying with our higher consciousness, with the understanding that we are connected to all that is in existence, and that the negative aspect of Ego is no longer running our lives anymore. Another common experience in awakening is seeing that reality is not what we thought it was, and we begin to see through illusions and into truth about the essence of interconnection, love and power that lies within each human on Earth.

When going through this process, though, it can feel lonely and disorienting, much like the process of grief. It can lead us questioning our surroundings, relationships, careers and basically every aspect of our lives. We see the world differently now, and that can mean huge changes in how we experience it.

Join me for a talk (free with admission) at the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine on Sunday, September 22, 2019 from 11 am - 12 pm in the Whole Life Tent.

I will share my own experiences with awakening to a new reality in my life, and the journey that it has taken me on. I will also discuss what has worked for me, and what might also work for you, as we move through shedding the layers of Ego (and of social conditioning), ultimately coming into the flow of sharing love, compassion, kindness and forgiveness.

The format for this workshop will be:

  •  Overview of the process of spiritual awakening and my own experience

  • Suggestions on how you can navigate this process in your own life, and then help others

  • Guided meditation to expand in our light, consciousness and raise our vibration in connection with the Earth and all sentient beings

  • Discussion with question and answers

My hope is that you will leave this presentation with a renewed sense of hope in what is happening in our world, how you can heal in your own life, and how to balance spiritual awakening with the everyday world in a peaceful, aligned way. There will also be an opportunity for discussion, questions and answers, with some writing reflections and handouts for you to take home.