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The Ancient Art of Qi Gong: A Gathering of the Soulful Work Community


Qi Gong is an Ancient Chinese Healing Art System that primarily consist of Standing Poses and Slow Mindful Movements, though there is breathwork, calisthenics, self massage, and meditation within the practice. It's purpose is to cultivate and balance subtle energy known as Qi (pronounced Chee) which can be felt as breath, heat, vibration, electricity and many other sensations. This is accomplished by fusing relaxing movement with breath and good posture. If practiced regularly these exercises (and the moment to moment state of being it can help cultivate) can enhance pain reduction, prevention of disease, and cultivate a feeling of overall physical vitality and emotional well being.

In this workshop, offered by special guest and teacher Cal Clark, as part of the monthly Soulful Work Community gatherings, you will learn the movements of Qi Gong, as it corresponds with Taijji (Tai Chi) and synchronize these movements with breath. When we move our bodies, we connect more deeply with the spirit moving within us. You will also have an opportunity to share what this experience was like for you, processing and learning with others.

Thursday, October 3rd, 6-7:30 pm EDT at Sage Wellness, 980 Forest Avenue, Suite 204, Portland, Maine, 04103.

You can also join virtually (by live-stream)!


To attend this gathering, you can become a member of the Soulful Work Community, a monthly gathering of like-minded people on a path to consciousness expansion and spiritual growth. You are not alone on your journey, and we are here to support each other, and learn and grow together. This is a monthly membership program.

We ask that you commit to joining (knowing you can cancel anytime) to ensure that this is a safe space for people to share what they deeply feel with participants that are familiar.

Virtual membership is $10/month. In-Person membership is $20/month and you can cancel anytime. Members enjoy access to a online platform on Teachable with new guided meditations, videos, writing tools and more each month.

Other membership perks include discounts to Rachel's offerings with Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting, including guidance sessions, workshops and more.

Learn more about the Soulful Work Community to join and attend this gathering, or contact Rachel at rhortonwhite@soulfulworkconsulting for details!

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