I have received very positive feedback from Sage Wellness clients who have attended Rachel’s workshops. Her ability to break down complicated topics in a manageable way, giving participants practical tools they can use in everyday life, is so appreciated by our clients.
— Melissa Walsh, LMT. Owner/Manager of Sage Wellness LLC
Rachel’s workshop was my favorite workshop of the expo. I came away with a lot of really great new information and ideas, and I feel like it is one of the few workshops I have gone to that I felt like I could easily work what I learned into my daily life.
— Anonymous
In our mindfulness retreat, Rachel helped lead us through meditations that helped remove blocks... This retreat strengthened us both individually and as a team. We walked away with a feeling of community, passion, and awareness of our goals and intentions.
— Meg Harpool, Founder of River School House Preschool


Workshops give people who are curious about mindfulness, intuition and other metaphysical concepts an introduction to what it’s like to integrate a spiritual approach to practical living. You will leave with tools to use on your own and action steps to implement right away in your life.

You may even experience a new way of approaching everyday situations to bring out lasting change in your job, relationship or any other area of life you would like to improve.

In addition to offering workshops and retreats, I speak regularly at yoga studios, conferences and festivals on the following topics:

  • How to develop your intuition (and connect with higher guidance)

  • Quiet the mind in everyday moments

  • Move past the layer of the negative Ego self

  • How to protect and clear your energy

  • How to co-create your life and the “real” law of attraction

  • What happens during spiritual awakening

Check out these upcoming workshops and events.

Did you know that I offer workshops for children and teens at schools and centers? Learn more here!


Participating in a retreat with us gives you the chance to do deep, inner work in a quiet, tranquil atmosphere. You not only have the opportunity to reflect on and visualize your life as you would like it to be, but you also will receive guidance and support in the following areas to create lasting change in your life:

  • guided meditations to connect with higher guidance (angels, spirit guides)

  • past life regression or hypnotherapy sessions

  • releasing/clearing/renewing rituals

  • journaling and writing reflections

  • times of silence

  • mindful eating

  • nature walks

  • mindful stretching and yoga

The food is always either raw, vegan and/or organic - healing for your body and soul! The island women’s summer 2019 retreat is full but, feel free to reach out to me to learn more the February 2020 Costa Rica winter retreat!

What has impressed me about Rachel is how she communicates with such professionalism, understanding and compassion. . . throughout each workshop she is able to shed new light on a topic.
— Maura Reminga, Co-Owner, Willard Beach Studio
The retreat with Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting provided more peace, centering, and spaciousness than I could have imagined.
— Casey G.