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A Better Way of Living: Costa Rica Retreat

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A Better Way of Living: Costa Rica Retreat

I am so excited to share, at long last, a special opportunity with you to learn how to live a better life. You are invited to a unique retreat, at an eco-village in the Volcano Arenal rainforest region of Costa Rica. A budding co-housing community with “luxury” ecotourism bungalows, Rancho Margot is not only a 100% self-sufficient organic farm, but it is actually a “carbon negative” community with “living” buildings (vegetation growing on the roof!) designed to have minimal impact (meaning its presence actually improves its surrounding environment).

In this 6-day/5-night retreat from February 20-25, 2020, in one of the most peaceful and happiest countries on the planet, you will be able rest, reflect, meditate, relax, go inward and connect with your inner being while being surrounded by a like-minded community of holistic, kind people from around the world. By being immersed in a community that operates in full harmony and alignment with the animals, water and biosphere in which it exists, you not only will be able to learn about how this type of “eco-village utopia” can be formed, but also to reflect on how to bring the energy, simplicity and peace from this special place back into your own home. You will enjoy food that is almost 100% grown and produced on Rancho Margot (they even make their own mustard, ketchup and vinegar!). Your body will notice a difference in eating whole, organic, farm-to-table food.

During our stay, we will:

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  • Spend time in mindful walking and silent meditation

  • Enjoy yoga classes twice a day (optional)

  • Write with targeted reflections on our visions and what is holding us back from getting there (writing can unlock what is stored deep in the subconscious!)

  • Participate in guided meditations led by Rachel to meet a spirit animal, connect with the spirit of Mother Earth and other spirit beings of the natural world

  • Share our experiences, dreams and visions for the future with each other

  • Swim and lounge in stone-laid natural pools

  • Eat 100% organic, farm-to-table food

  • Learn some Spanish - hopefully!

  • Hike in the rainforest with breathtaking views of Lake Arenal and the incredible volcano of Arenal

  • Learn about how the farm and eco-village work with in-depth tour of the farm, including the animals (you can even trying milking cows!), and visit the yogurt, cheese and soap-making facility. (Rancho Margot even makes its own version of Nutella!)

  • Connect deeply with the natural world in a place that is fully in sync with nature, expanding your conscious awareness of your place in the web of life

  • Enjoy time together and alone completely immersed in the jungle among vibrant, lush greenery, flowers, birds and joy!

 You also have the option to participate in a day trip excursion, which will include:

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  • Bathing at an eco-friendly hot springs resort, teetering upon hanging bridges and touring a butterfly sanctuary

  • Visiting the town of La Fortuna, the lakeside village of El Castillo and enjoying a Costa Rican “casado (rice, beans and plaintains) ” meal

This is a unique retreat, unlike many that you may find in Costa Rica. Participation is limited to 8 people (now only 1 spot left!) to ensure intimate connection together. It is my intention for this retreat to be life-changing, in that you come up with a plan for any changes in your life you would like to make upon returning to the United States. However, please note the following about this retreat:

  • While Rancho Margot offers amenities like are services like thermal pools, massage and yoga, this retreat is not specifically designed to be a spa-like experience. We will be staying on a working farm!

  • This retreat will be partially a time of silence and meditation as our retreat house is secluded, but will also be about connecting with other like-minded humans and learning how to live more sustainably with the Earth and communally with other people. You will likely meet other like-minded residents, employees and guests of Rancho Margot, and may make some new friends!

  • For those staying in the 3-bedroom retreat house, there will be fruit and snacks for you to enjoy. However, most of our meals will be eaten with the other guests at Rancho Margot in the community eating area. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet worldwide travelers like you! (I speak fluent Spanish so we can get around pretty easily too!)

Amenities included in the retreat:

  • Buffet-style breakfast, lunch and dinner each day - 100% organic farm food!

  • Twice daily yoga classes (optional)

  • 2-hour guided ranch tour

  • Hiking trails and natural pools

  • Fresh fruit and snacks in the retreat house

  • Guided excursions to nearby towns and activities

Not Included:

  • Airfare

  • Shuttle to optional excursions  - hot springs, rainforest/volcano hike, etc.

  • Shuttle to/from airport or rental car

  • Extra services such as massage, horseback riding and kayaking at Rancho Margot

  • Entry fees to hot springs resort, hanging bridge park and butterfly sanctuary

  • Meals during excursions

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At the end of this retreat, you will likely notice a difference in your perspective on life. You may even have a plan of action to put into place when you return. You may notice that when you return home, that you feel an expansion in your own consciousness and an awakening of how you would like your role in the shifting world to be. After having experienced a way of living that is similar to that of our ancestors, the pull of living simply, minimally and fully in sync with the natural world will stay with you deeply.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is this a yoga/spa retreat like many others in Costa Rica?

    • No, there are yoga classes offered, but you do not have to attend (they are offered by Rancho Margot). This is a unique experience to learn about how to live a lifestyle completely in alignment with the natural world and with other like-minded people. You will have time alone to write, reflect, meditate, and mindfully walk in silence. However, you also will have the opportunity to learn about how to life 100% self-sufficient lifestyle, with plants, animals and other people, and generating enough hydro-powered energy to give BACK to the grid. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience life in a beautiful, tropical place that is contributing to the healing of the Earth and all of its beings.

  • What is included in the retreat?          

    • All meals are included in your stay, including snacks at the retreat house. Twice-daily yoga classes (optional), a ranch tour, access to hiking trails and natural pools at Rancho Margot are also included. Please note that the retreat is limited to 8 participants only (1 spot left!). All facilitated activities (meditation, writing and guided spirit connection exercises) with Rachel are included. We will go on some excursions to local hot springs, hiking in the rainforest and kayaking on the lake. If you choose, you can even milk some cows! (Ssshhh.. I wasn’t going to tell you this... but there is a full outdoor bar at Rancho Margot! Life is meant to be enjoyed!)

  • Can I bring my family or friend(s) with me on the retreat?

    • Yes, you are welcome to come with your family or friends. You can stay with your family in a bungalow if you like, if your friend/family member/child is not participating in the retreat. They can access many services at Rancho Margot, all included in the pricing here. This means that your friend/family member will get 3 meals a day, yoga classes twice a day (optional), a farm tour, access to natural pools. And, they are welcome to join us for our excursions to the hot springs and restaurants. You may want to have your own car rental if you would like to take kids on excursions in the area (hot springs, rainforest walks, butterfly sanctuary, chocolate plantation tour, trip to La Fortuna, etc).

  • What is Rancho Margot like?

    • You can learn more at the Rancho Margot website. Check out a few of the videos (including one featured on CNN) about this amazing eco-village!

  • When is the retreat?

    • This is a 6-day, 5-night retreat from February 20th to 25th in 2020. We will gather in the late afternoon of Thursday the 20th and depart mid-day on Tuesday the 25th.

  • What airport should I fly into in Costa Rica?

    • I recommend flying into the San Jose airport (Juan Santamaria Airport) in San Jose, Costa Rica. Driving time to Rancho Margot is a little over 3 hours. There is another airport in Liberia (which is a little less than 3 hours away), but plane tickets to Liberia are generally pricier.

  • Where can I find deals on airplane tickets?

  • Should I rent a car?

    • If you plan on traveling to other places in Costa Rica before or after the retreat, you may want to rent a car. As we will be staying close to Rancho Margot for about 6 days, you may want to rent a car after the retreat, which you can do in the nearby town of La Fortuna.

  • If I don’t rent a car, what are my transportation options?

    • If you aren’t renting a car, Rachel can arrange for a shuttle to take you from and back to at the airport in San Jose. There is an extra fee for shuttle services (between $50-400 round-trip per person for 4-8 people).

  • How do I book a room?

    • You can book a room through Rachel. Retreat participants can stay in the retreat house. Retreat participants who wish to stay in separate lodgings with their family or friends can reserve a bungalow.    

  • What do I need to know about health information for Costa Rica?

    • Costa Rica is an easy country to travel in. Most people speak English. No vaccinations are needed and the water is safe to drink.

  • How do I exchange money?

    • Many places accept US dollars, however, in smaller towns, Costa Rica money (colones) is needed. Most people simply withdraw colones from a local ATM when arriving in the airport. You will want to let your bank/credit know ahead of time that you will be in Costa Rica.

  • What is the weather like?

    • The weather is warm and pleasant, in the 70s and 80s. It can rain, though, so bring rain gear and changes of shoes!

  • Do I need a passport and vaccinations?

    • Yes, you need a passport. You do not need vaccinations to travel to Costa Rica.

  • What should I bring?

    • You’ll want to bring sunscreen, bathing suits, rain gear , warm clothes (it can get down to the 50s at night in the rainforest), hats, insect repellent (organic, ideally), pens, paper.

  • What if I change my mind about going?

    • This retreat is 100% refundable up to October 1, 2019 and 50% refundable up to November 1, 2019. The retreat is not refundable after November 1, 2019. 



While you can choose to stay in the private retreat house with a few other people that I have reserved for us, you may also prefer to stay in a private, luxury-style bungalow a short distance away if you are traveling with your family or loved ones. Or can you choose a basic bunkhouse.You are welcome to come with family members that will not be attending the retreat, please contact Rachel for details!

There are now THREE lodging options for this retreat. You will be paying for and booking your rooms through me (Rachel) but you can view the lodging options at Rancho Margot :

1)    In the retreat house, which is reserved just for us. It is a private house in an area separated from other guests at Rancho Margot where we will be gathering for some retreat activities. There are retreat house rooms that can be used privately or shared. The retreat house has a kitchen, living room and a terrace. The retreat house is for participants of the retreat only to stay.

2)    The second option is to stay in a bungalow. The bungalows are more luxurious and private. They are also intermingled near some bungalows where other guests at Rancho Margot could be staying. Bungalow each have a hammock, wraparound terrace, bathroom, handmade soaps. This is a good option if you are coming with family members/partner who will not be participating in the retreat.

3) The third, very affordable lodging option at Rancho Margot, is staying in a bunkhouse. It is very basic and rustic - think camping in a cabin! But fun.



Regular rates:

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  • Please note that a payment plan may still be available if registering before September 15, 2019. Contact Rachel for details.

  • Retreat house shared room  (1 queen, 1 twin) - $1,130 per person. ONE SPOT IN A SHARED ROOM STILL AVAILABLE! Book this option here.

  • Retreat house private room (king bed) -  $1,330 per person - NOW FULL

  • Private bunkhouse (basic, rustic) - single bed - $1,178 per person. Book this option here.

  • Bungalow shared room (two queen beds) -  $1,260 per person (if both are retreat participants). - NOW FULL

  • Bungalow private room - (one king bed)– $1,470 per person. Book this option here.

  • Family Bungalow - $1260 (retreat participant) + $530 (family member/friend), or $1794 total. This is an option if you plan to come with a family member who will not be participating in the retreat (if the family member is a child under 11, this price may be reduced). Please note that this price includes 3 daily meals and yoga twice a day for all guests (participating in the retreat or not!!. Book this option here.

  • Bungalow for a group or family - please contact Rachel for details

Please feel free to reach out to me (Rachel) if you have any additional questions. It will be my honor and blessing to experience this special place with you. I look forward to journeying to a better way of living alongside you!

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