Rachel Horton White’s Mindfulness Assemblies touched the hearts and minds of our 900 (K-5) students. Our students and staff learned new ways to practice basic mindfulness techniques that they will be able to carry with them for the rest of their lives.
— Gloria Noyes, Principal of Falmouth Elementary School, Falmouth, Maine
Rachel’s workshop for kids was insightful, fun, and relaxed. My 8-year-old daughter chatted all the way home about the beautiful experience she had during the meditation, and her energy was really light, calm, and open.
— K.B.

Children are the Future


I offer mindfulness workshops for children that are centered on nurturing their natural curiosity and openness.

The workshops are short and are focused on:

  • having fun

  • playing interactive games

  • practicing silly breath exercises

  • doing art/science projects

  • exploring nature

  • relaxing to guided meditations with peaceful imagery


My Background with Kids

In my previous 15-year career in social services, I worked mostly in programs for youth and teens.

I taught youth in a variety of settings, including:

  • running a Spanish Club for 1st and 2nd graders

  • teaching English as a Second Language to teens

  • supporting kindergarteners as a Ed Tech

  • helping teens experiencing homelessness with education/employment

  • managing an after-school program

And of course I have two young children of my own!

Group Work

Some schools and children centers I have offered mindfulness workshops and assemblies include:

Sample Workshop Format

A typical workshop with kids lasts for 20-45 minutes and looks something like this:

  • Short introduction of me and each other

  • A short breathing game

  • A mindfulness activity

  • Sharing/drawing a picture about the experience

Individual Work

Many children on Earth these days are gifted, sensitive, gentle souls who are here to help heal. These children operate and think differently than many adults, and do not often fit into our traditional, bureaucratic systems.

Instead of believing that there is “something wrong” with the child, why not help them adapt in small ways, and learn more about how to support them and enhance their gifts?

I work with children and teens doing hypnotherapy (very effective for children!) and guidance sessions focused on alleviating anxiety, depression or other emotional difficulties. Some parents find that their children who seem to be extremely sensitive just need some tools and support to manage their gifts, their energy and how they interact with others.

Please get in touch to learn more about workshops at your school or center or about individual sessions for your own child/teen!