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A Free Online Workshop: Spiritual Living in the Everyday World

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It's not supposed to be this hard. So many of us want to live lives that are in touch with our Highest selves, a spiritual path that can lead us to fulfilling our soul purpose. But what about when it comes to paying the bills, getting stuck in traffic, dealing with our screaming children, or going to the grocery store? Are these separate activities that we need to set our spiritual selves aside for? 

I don't believe we do. It takes too much energy to maintain two different personas, like one at work and one at home. And it doesn't need to be like this anymore.

Join us for a free online workshop on how to live a spiritual life in a world that doesn't seem spiritual at all. In our short time together we will:

  • do a guided meditation centered on visualizing your life as you want to live it, in each mundane, little moment
  • hear about some small, easy-to-apply tips for how to go about your days with gratitude, trust, peace and freedom (hint: it's about meditation and connecting to some form of higher guidance)
  • write down how you intend to bring forth some changes in your life in the coming weeks
  • learn about ways to more fully integrate your Ego Self with your Higher Self by getting support and learning together with others in a spiritual community of support called the Soulful Work Community.

This workshop will be held on Zoom videoconferencing (easy to download on your phone of computer). Please pre-register here to receive the log-in information.

*Once you join the workshop, your cameras will be on mute and your microphones will be off, you will just be in listening mode. (You will have the option to turn your cameras/mics on for the small group sharing portion).

Can't wait to see you there!